Combo cards

Combo cards, also named bicards, or tri cards,which come with 1 standard card plus 1 key tag, two key tags, and 3 key tags.

Combo card is a revolution for plastic cards printing. Why ? Why combo cards so popular and is going to substitute the normal printed pvc cards ?

The reason is simple. Take normal loyalty cards for example. A normal loyalty card is usually printed as a standard cr80 size pvc cards which may come with a barcode, a loco magnetic stripe or even some embossing numbers, sprayed numbers or thermal printed numbers. Stores use this loyalty card normally to redeem their customer some discounts, to maintain their customer’s loyalty.

card plus 3 key tags

It’s cool but the bad news is you have to wait this customer to go back to your store, the question is. if this customer went to New York, and he didn’t leave the card at home, but his wife wants to shop with you but she just can’t get the loyalty card, you can imagine what will happen then. she may just wait for her husband get back and then go to shopping with your store, no one know when he will come back. another choice for her is a nightmare. she may feel inconvenient with this and just go to buy something in another shop. So, as a merchant, you lose the opportunity.

That’s why we talk about combo cards today. Because combo cards come with 1 big card and several small key tags,and the data printed among all cards are same, your customer can tear it to 2 piece, 3 piece and even 4 pieces. So, he can give it to 4 person at most. This means, you sell one card to one customer, but you got extra 3 chances to win potential customers and get extra sell from the other 3 persons.

Now, you must konw what i am saying about. Correct, it’s a big chance to expand your business and get more money.

Don’t hesitate any longer, get your combo cards right now.

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