2 methods to identify what material your card is made from

In last post,we talk about the small trick played on the lamination overlay. This time,we hope to make you a little more professional to the cards you are to print.

There is no doubt PVC material is most widely used in plastic printing industry especially when we print a plastic cards, smart cards and other pvc cards. Every card factory needs PVC,take CushyPrinting for example,every months we imported tons of pvc materials, all these imported new materials are used for international orders to ensure all international orders are same quality as you print your cards at home.

Recently,some customers reflect their terminal clients complaining the material of their cards look disgusting and some even broken when used for only two months.

Why? Why this happened? Let me unlock the mystery.

1st, check the card surface. if you have a similar card,please move your eyes to the material and check carefully the plain area without printing. if this area looks more yellow,or dirty other than plain white. then it means this card is probably not made from new good material.

another way is to check the edge of the card.if you can easily find there are two different colour in it,it means this card is made from combined material. This combined material is made of two materials. one is new material,the other recycled material. Recycled material can’t be used for laminated card because when laminating the cards, these materials may burst and break.

Why some factories use these material?  the answer is money too. if they print your cards with such materials,they can cut off nearly 50% of their material cost. This is a big advantage on prices. So, that’s why sometimes when my customer told me he or she got a cheaper prices elsewhere that even can’t cover our printing cost, not to say any profit.

All these materials are very harmful to the environment and try to imagine, you get a lower price elsewhere, you send these cards to your customer. at the first 1-2 month,you are happy because you save much cost for printing, you gain good profit. however, 2 months later, your clients complain your card is disgusting with poor looking and burst or lamination overlay peel off. What a nightmare it is. You probably lose customers without any doubt.

Fortunately,at CushyPrinting, we ensure all materials used are imported new.We believe for each successful business man,quality is always the most important thing we must keep in mind,and then price. We would rather earn less profit than cheat our customers by using combined or recycled materials and we are pround to do so.

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