How to test your plastic card without sending it to official testing organizations ?

Being a plastic card and smart card online printing company, we feel it’s our responibility to helping our customers to understand how their cards are printed. It’s also our obligation to reveal some small tricks in the printing industry.

Sometimes, i have some customer from foreign countries complaining their cards are poorly printed by other plastic card factories. There are many problems they encountered, here i make a summary and hope it’s useful for you when printing your card.

Trick 1 – Lamination

People do not know how to judge if their cards are laminated or not.That’s why some card printing company play this trick on them. Without laminating your card, they can save a lot of money,and you are blinded. You may ask them to laminate the cards,however, they do not laminate it but telling you your cards are laminated. When you receive the cards at the first sight,you may be very happy for the cards,and you use it yourself or you send it to your clients. Then, the nightmare begin.

lamination overlay

These non laminated cards work good in the first 1-2 month,however when time passed by,you will see there are many scratches on the surface of the card,some even very dirty spot on it. if it has a magstripe on back side,you see the magstripe may does not read smoothly or having big problem like degauss,so your card won’t work any longer. Then, you have to make a new card and pay for it.

Though there are many factors can cause such problems,however, according to our experience,your card may be not laminated. Lamination is a good way to protect both the card surface, but also protecting the other options such as barcode,magstripes,numbers and texts.

So, you may ask how to test to see if my card printed are laminated. It’s very simple that you could use a coin to scratch the card surface especially at the corners, and then if you see the film projection,tear it off. That’s the lamination overlay. If you just see scratches but not see the overlay,it means your cards are not laminated.

Why these factories do so? the answer is money. Some of our competitors,they use unwrap means to quote you the unreasonable prices,really attractive price to catch your eyes and get you placing your order on them. Normally, that price is much lower than average price in the industry. How can they benefit? The answer is using Unwrap means. lamination is only one of the tricks they made on you. Next time,i will reveal another trick they usually do.

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