Catalogue Printing

Hello everyone, CushyPrinting now provides catalogue printing service. welcome to contact us for price quotation and cooperation.

Merry Christmas 2015, and wish you Happy New Year 2015.

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New product released.check our teslin card now!

hi everyone,

we are proud to announce that is now capable to print teslin cards,teslin key tags,teslin id card, teslin contactless ic cards and more related products.

as you know,very seldom factory can make teslin card products in China. So far as we know,besides Putian Cardsmart company limited,we are the second one who can provide full printing service for teslin cards.

should you have any inquiry about eco firendly teslin card projects,please do not hesitate to contact us.

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where to make your rfid key fobs cheaper?

considering the rfid products are so hot in recent two years, more and more foreign customers come to China in order to seek the cheapest rfid tags as well as rfid related products.

among these rfid tag products, the rfid key fobs are the most popular one which can fulfill almost all your daily needs for rfid in many different applications. for example , rfid key fob is widely used as a substitution of traditional access control system like contact ic card key for hotels,campus,factory and so on.

what can a rfid key fobs be personalized ?

at, we are capable of providing almost all traditional printing on key fob. eg: silk printing logo,uid number encoding,abs or pet,plastic,leather as material,metal rings. available chips in LF, HF chips such as tk4100, em4102,em4200,em4450,mifare 1k, mifare 4k, mifare ultralight,mifare ultralight c,mifare desfire ev1 2k, mifare desfire ev1 4k,mifare desfire ev1 8k, t5577, icode sli etc.

cheap rfid key fobs printing

Where to buy cheap rfid key fobs ?

at CushuPrinting, your rfid key fobs are guaranteed lowest cost for we offer you price beat guarantee. for example, 1000 tk4100 rfid key fobs only at $164.

what’s more ,the tk4100 chip has 1 year warranty which ensure chips you ordered at CushyPrinting is 100% authentic.

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Combo cards

Combo cards, also named bicards, or tri cards,which come with 1 standard card plus 1 key tag, two key tags, and 3 key tags.

Combo card is a revolution for plastic cards printing. Why ? Why combo cards so popular and is going to substitute the normal printed pvc cards ?

The reason is simple. Take normal loyalty cards for example. A normal loyalty card is usually printed as a standard cr80 size pvc cards which may come with a barcode, a loco magnetic stripe or even some embossing numbers, sprayed numbers or thermal printed numbers. Stores use this loyalty card normally to redeem their customer some discounts, to maintain their customer’s loyalty.

card plus 3 key tags

It’s cool but the bad news is you have to wait this customer to go back to your store, the question is. if this customer went to New York, and he didn’t leave the card at home, but his wife wants to shop with you but she just can’t get the loyalty card, you can imagine what will happen then. she may just wait for her husband get back and then go to shopping with your store, no one know when he will come back. another choice for her is a nightmare. she may feel inconvenient with this and just go to buy something in another shop. So, as a merchant, you lose the opportunity.

That’s why we talk about combo cards today. Because combo cards come with 1 big card and several small key tags,and the data printed among all cards are same, your customer can tear it to 2 piece, 3 piece and even 4 pieces. So, he can give it to 4 person at most. This means, you sell one card to one customer, but you got extra 3 chances to win potential customers and get extra sell from the other 3 persons.

Now, you must konw what i am saying about. Correct, it’s a big chance to expand your business and get more money.

Don’t hesitate any longer, get your combo cards right now.

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plastic key tags you should never miss

As a specialist of plastic cards,smart cards printing, CushyPrinting can offer our customers different kinds of card products from normal printed plastic cards to PMS cards,from standard size pvc cards to custom die cuts.

Today we talk about the plastic key tags – star of our custom die cut card products.

Plastic key tags,or key card usually come with a non standard dimension and hole on it. you can attach it to keychain, tuck it into your pocket. there is no doubt it’s one of the most popular way to promote your business, maintain customer’s loyalty, customer rewards.

Plastic Key Tags cards

We offer different kinds of plastic key tags like 2 up key fobs,3 up key fobs,and combo cards which come with a standard size pvc card plus one key tag, two key tags or three key tags based upon your requirement.

combo cards

Each small piece of card is 1/3 of the standard card,equal with 28.5mm*54mm*0.76mm. The punching hole is usually 5mm diameter. On the back of these cards is the barcode. All these barcodes are using spot UV printing to give it a stronger duration and  better look.

These plastic key tags and combo cards are full colour printed by Heidelberg 4 colour printing machine, and using imported ink and 100% new material. This ensures your card is world-class quality grade.

For more details,please visit our website:

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2 methods to identify what material your card is made from

In last post,we talk about the small trick played on the lamination overlay. This time,we hope to make you a little more professional to the cards you are to print.

There is no doubt PVC material is most widely used in plastic printing industry especially when we print a plastic cards, smart cards and other pvc cards. Every card factory needs PVC,take CushyPrinting for example,every months we imported tons of pvc materials, all these imported new materials are used for international orders to ensure all international orders are same quality as you print your cards at home.

Recently,some customers reflect their terminal clients complaining the material of their cards look disgusting and some even broken when used for only two months.

Why? Why this happened? Let me unlock the mystery.

1st, check the card surface. if you have a similar card,please move your eyes to the material and check carefully the plain area without printing. if this area looks more yellow,or dirty other than plain white. then it means this card is probably not made from new good material.

another way is to check the edge of the card.if you can easily find there are two different colour in it,it means this card is made from combined material. This combined material is made of two materials. one is new material,the other recycled material. Recycled material can’t be used for laminated card because when laminating the cards, these materials may burst and break.

Why some factories use these material?  the answer is money too. if they print your cards with such materials,they can cut off nearly 50% of their material cost. This is a big advantage on prices. So, that’s why sometimes when my customer told me he or she got a cheaper prices elsewhere that even can’t cover our printing cost, not to say any profit.

All these materials are very harmful to the environment and try to imagine, you get a lower price elsewhere, you send these cards to your customer. at the first 1-2 month,you are happy because you save much cost for printing, you gain good profit. however, 2 months later, your clients complain your card is disgusting with poor looking and burst or lamination overlay peel off. What a nightmare it is. You probably lose customers without any doubt.

Fortunately,at CushyPrinting, we ensure all materials used are imported new.We believe for each successful business man,quality is always the most important thing we must keep in mind,and then price. We would rather earn less profit than cheat our customers by using combined or recycled materials and we are pround to do so.

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How to test your plastic card without sending it to official testing organizations ?

Being a plastic card and smart card online printing company, we feel it’s our responibility to helping our customers to understand how their cards are printed. It’s also our obligation to reveal some small tricks in the printing industry.

Sometimes, i have some customer from foreign countries complaining their cards are poorly printed by other plastic card factories. There are many problems they encountered, here i make a summary and hope it’s useful for you when printing your card.

Trick 1 – Lamination

People do not know how to judge if their cards are laminated or not.That’s why some card printing company play this trick on them. Without laminating your card, they can save a lot of money,and you are blinded. You may ask them to laminate the cards,however, they do not laminate it but telling you your cards are laminated. When you receive the cards at the first sight,you may be very happy for the cards,and you use it yourself or you send it to your clients. Then, the nightmare begin.

lamination overlay

These non laminated cards work good in the first 1-2 month,however when time passed by,you will see there are many scratches on the surface of the card,some even very dirty spot on it. if it has a magstripe on back side,you see the magstripe may does not read smoothly or having big problem like degauss,so your card won’t work any longer. Then, you have to make a new card and pay for it.

Though there are many factors can cause such problems,however, according to our experience,your card may be not laminated. Lamination is a good way to protect both the card surface, but also protecting the other options such as barcode,magstripes,numbers and texts.

So, you may ask how to test to see if my card printed are laminated. It’s very simple that you could use a coin to scratch the card surface especially at the corners, and then if you see the film projection,tear it off. That’s the lamination overlay. If you just see scratches but not see the overlay,it means your cards are not laminated.

Why these factories do so? the answer is money. Some of our competitors,they use unwrap means to quote you the unreasonable prices,really attractive price to catch your eyes and get you placing your order on them. Normally, that price is much lower than average price in the industry. How can they benefit? The answer is using Unwrap means. lamination is only one of the tricks they made on you. Next time,i will reveal another trick they usually do.

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