About Us

Who is CushyPrinting


CushyPrinting is well-known as a trusted online printing service provider established in 1999. Our mission is to offer our clients superb quality products at competitive prices, to make your business with us a cushy, happy and profitable experience.


What's Our Advantages


 Experience - With 13 years experience in plastic card and contact card printing insudtry we believe by choosing us you will save time and money.


 World-class Technology -  All our production line passed ISO9001:2000 Certificate & ISO14001 Environmental Certificate. We use ECO-friendly materials and ink to reduce harmful carbon emissions. This helps protect both the environment and card holder!


 Advanced Equipment - Heidelberg four-colour offset printing machine,Germany ROLAND700 printing machine. To find more advanced equipment we use,please go to page "Our Equipment"

 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - We are reliable by our honest and quality printing products. Each job you do at CushyPrinting is guaranteed 100% satisfaction. If in any case, your card is wrongly printed or the colour difference exceeds a certain limit, we promise free reprint for the whole order

Your Benefit

 No MOQ Limit - Printing your job at CushyPrinting, you never have to worry about the MOQ limit. You can order if you like just 100pcs, 50pcs or even 1pc. We respect your requirement and promise to meet your demand in any case.

 Relieving Your Production Pressure -Sometimes, especially in hot seasons, you may encounter with such problems. You are not able to print your job on time and you don't want to lose the order. What should you do ? Please don't hesitate to contact us. We offer OEM printing services for factories from more than 40 countries such as USA, UK, Germany, Italy,France and more. Placing your order here at CushyPrinting is a wise choice for we never let our customer down.

 More Profit - Our business philosophy is "Quick Returns and Small Margins". So, you'll find our price is lower than most competitors. We transfer the benefits to all our consumers, in this way, we believe as long as our customer benefit from the business with us, we can grow bigger and faster.


 Your Money is Safe - Each dollar you pay us is guaranteed safe. It means you can claim reimburse or get free reprint service when we wrongly printed your cards in any case.